News and focuses on champagne vintages
  • Tendencies
  • Un consommateur toujours plus amateur
  • Exceptionnel, mais pas exceptionnellement

2/ RENCONTRES / Encounters

Portraits, confidences and stories are told by those who put their talents and their know-how in the service of the Champagne excellence
  • Dossier Cousu Main
  • Saga Gosset


Pairings food and wines...
  • Joseph Perrier chez Guy Martin au Grand Véfour
  • Champagne Collet, sous le signe d’Epicure
  • Un verre avec … Garance Thiénot & Speedy Graphito

4/ TERRES DE CHAMPAGNE / The Lands of Champagne

Champagne's heart
  • Vendanges chez Mumm
  • La guerre des trois n’aura pas lieu
  • Comtes de Champagne Taittinger
  • Le réveil du Meunier
  • Le Rosé des Riceys
  • Krug
  • Cahier : Les belles découvertes de Pierre Guigui


Because art interferes within the big houses to share better with the world, the emotion aroused by king of wines
  • 200 ans Henriot
  • 200 ans Billecart-Salmon
  • Charline Drappier
  • Boizel, parcours initiatique
  • La révolution green de Lanson
  • Du rififi dans le Ratafia


Or how to discover the Champagne destination differently (even outside our borders!)
  • Belles demeures de Champagne
  • Nouvelles terres d’expression de l’oenotourisme
  • Champagne au bout du monde


Cause the Champagne spirit sparks everywhere...
  • Hôtellerie - Royal Champagne
  • Vitesse - Jaguar
  • Artisanat - Olivier Marescaux


Didier Perrin Publication Director
Muriel Naivin Writing Director
Gérard Muteaud Editor in chief
After 25 years as a reporter and chief editor on magazines (Challenges, Le Nouvel Observateur), in January 2015 he founded L’Atelier de l’Arsenal, a content creation agency specialising in wine, lifestyle, tourism and reporting.
Pierre Guigui Writing Director
An expert wine journalist, he is the official taster at Magazine C. He has written 12 books and is the founding director of the International Organic Wine Competition.
Adèle Sinigre Artistic Director
Freelance graphic designer for 13 years, driven by Excellence, and Wonders. A little, a lot, Passionately...
Léon Mazzella Journalist
Journalist and writer. Specialities: wine, gastronomy, travel, literature, history. Chief editor and contributor for many magazines for over thirty years.
Véronique Raisin Wine critic
Wine critic for 10 years. Black belt in Taekwondo, she takes part in some of the biggest French press titles.
Aymone Vigière d'Anval Journalist
Wine journalist for around fi ft een years. Has been writing for Saveurs magazine since 2003 and also 12.5° and writes for French magazines.
Clara Le Fort Writer
A tireless globetrotter and journalist, Clara Le Fort regularly contributes to Les Echos Weekend, Air France Madame, Billionaire and Wallpaper*.
Christophe Lévy Marketer
Digital Marketer and Social Media Manager, blogger on “Artdevivreenchampagne.com”. An Epernay epicurean,passionate about Champagne - the wine and the region.
Gérard Lemarié Philosopher
Gérard Lemarié, philosopher and author of a dozen books, is the man behind major conferences in France, including Le Jardin Des Arts at Domaine Les Crayères in Reims.
Gregory Le Moal Photographer
Grégory Le Moal started exploring the culinary arts at 15, since he first used the family Olympus camera. Clean and uncluttered, his style enabled him to quickly gain recognition from the field.
Michael Boudot Photographer
For over 10 years, Michael Boudot has been travelling his native land photographing unusual landscapes and personalities from the world of wine.
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